Miramar MCAS Airshow

SJ4A0124 copy

Very little to say here.  Images mostly in the order taken.  The Patriots team and the Blue Angels.  A few shots of the Bone (B-1 supersonic bomber) a fixture of North Korean tension news stories, and one of the tilt-rotor Osprey.

SJ4A0368 copy

SJ4A0366 copy



SJ4A0001 copy



SJ4A0134 copy

SJ4A0229 copy

SJ4A0128 copySJ4A0322 copy

SJ4A0324 copy

SJ4A0176 copy

SJ4A0175 copy

SJ4A0143 copy

SJ4A0155 copy

SJ4A0150 copy

SJ4A0159 copy

SJ4A0269 copy

SJ4A0271 copy

SJ4A0138 copy

SJ4A0243 copy

SJ4A0349 copy

SJ4A0354 copy


One Comment on “Miramar MCAS Airshow

  1. OMG TC,

    Brilliant Aerial Dancing, in Splendid
    Sky-Coloring . . . . 👍

    Slainte, Ken
    Sent from my iPhone

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