This Week in the ‘Hood

Not much to say, perhaps better to let the images speak for themselves.  Some storms, some sun.  And Spring flowers.  Elements of life.

Nice rays

Nice rays

Blink and it's gone

Blink and it’s gone

A time-lapse sequence.  Dvorak, adagio movement, Symphony from the New World.

Goodnight sun

Goodnight sun

Friday's finish

Friday’s finish

Busy ants

Busy ants

Lavender, anyone?

Lavender, anyone?

Bold pollinator

Bold pollen

3 Comments on “This Week in the ‘Hood

  1. Exquisite sunset, Tom! Thanks for the perfect musical accompaniment!

  2. Very nice, all. Would thee happen to know the name of this ant gymnasium?

    • It’s a Bird of Paradise, located in an area of planted wildflowers in adjoining Solana Beach.

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