A birthday present for Rea

030314 sunset #1

030314 sunset #1

My mom, Rea Close, was born on March 4, 1905 in, or near Chappell, Nebraska.  I say near, because my grandparents had a farm.  Grandpa was also a banker, so they may well have had a house in town.  In either case, it is a very small place, (2012 population 943; 13 square blocks) in the SW corner of the state, located between the Platte rivers.  I suspect birth, itself, might have been anywhere, including Sidney, the nearest larger town.  When she was five, my grandparents relocated to rural Fallbrook, California in the northeast of San Diego County.  My mom went on to blaze a trail for today’s achievement-oriented women, graduating from Cal Berkeley and then maintaining both a career in teaching business courses and raising a family.

Last evening, the 3rd, there was a rather nice sunset, which I was able to capture in both stills and time-lapse.  I started work on creating the T-L movie after supper, but was tired enough from flying over two days, that I cashed in my chips so as to resume work today.  For whatever reason at some point in the middle of the night it came to me that today is mom’s birthday.  She lived 95 very full years, before passing on ‘yonder, and I still miss her, revere her, and love all that she was and did for my siblings and me.

So today, I’m giving mom a present of some of last evening’s sunset and the time-lapse.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I know she does.

030314 sunset 2

030314 sunset 2

030314 sunset 3

030314 sunset 3

030314 sunset 4

030314 sunset and new moon moonset

030414 sunset 5, and a new moon


I’m not sure that the setting crescent new moon shows up at this resolution.  It peeked in and out of the upper buttermilk sky clouds as both of them moved relative to one another.  Hide and seek.

And here’s the time-lapse, composed of three separate consecutive sequences, threaded together.  Happy Birthday, mom.  Love, Tommy


3 Comments on “A birthday present for Rea

  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Tom. The event and process of his arrival, and the joys and challenges he brought to life, are never far from my consciousness.

  2. Beautiful, Tom. You probably don’t remember but yesterday was Ronnie’s birthday, born right there in La Jolla at Scripps in 1966. The feeling of loss never really goes away. Treasure the memories.

    • I’m not sure I ever was aware of his birthdate, but I remember him well, and can only guess at the depth of that gap in your lives. Happy Birthday, Ronnie. T

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